Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Laughing your way through labour

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that is certainly true.  This dad made a rap song when his wife was in labour.

"Expectant dads out there may even want to go the all-out comedian route. Advises Midwifery Today: “Even a forced smile releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain medicine that is similar to morphine. When we are with a birthing woman who is in pain, it may help to tell some good jokes — or even some not so good ones, especially in early labor. Carry a joke book in your birth bag!”

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2012/01/25/dad-raps-about-wifes-labor-contractions-can-humor-ease-the-pain-of-delivery/#ixzz27RaHPqMC

Past your dates?

Lots of women ask what they can do to get labour going when their expected date of delivery goes past.  Some women try sex, hot curry, sex and a hot curry :-), a long walk, nipple stimulation.  We do not recommend the taking of castor oil to try and get your labour started, it can cause nasty stomach cramps, diarrhoea and you still end up not going into labour.  

This interesting article discusses the folklore.

"“There are all kinds of obstetrical folklore and old-wives tales out there,” says Jonathan Schaffir, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study, published in the June issue of the journal Birth. “If it’s not something perceived as being harmful, patients think there’s no downside. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s something to pass the time.”


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fantastic news for our sister midwives in the United States

"This is fantastic news to hear that more babies were birthed by midwives in the United States.  

“If this trend continues, it will bring us more in line with the rest of the world in giving midwives a central role in prenatal care and birth,” says study author Eugene Declercq, professor of community-health sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health. “Given that other countries have lower costs and better outcomes, it would be a positive thing for this country.”

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2012/06/25/midwife-mania-more-u-s-babies-than-ever-are-delivered-by-midwives/#ixzz27A4TAGTL

A special Waterbirth

I wonder if the lady in the pool is her midwife?  Beautiful birth of a baby dolphin.