Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plaster off - Yippee

WOW!  Is it really all this time since my last blog?  Well, I have my plaster off now, thank goodness.  Funny thing, I thought it would be 100% better as soon as the plaster came off, but no, I didnt expect the aches and pains I thought I would get.  I shouldnt winge because it could have been worse - but HEY, it is my dominant hand, so maybe I cant winge a smidge :-)  Anyway it will recover in time - so I just have to be patient. 

Well our time in the US was just AWESOME!  Wonderful catching up with great friends and family, ah just bliss.  Cept for trippin' ass over tit (excuse my French) - and breaking my arm.  Oh well.  I was seriously thinking this week whether I should do a lactation consultant course OR continue with my masters.  Hmm, will mull that one over.

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