Monday, December 2, 2013

The worst newborn baby product

Wow, whatever next?  I would not recommend it at all!

"Award for worst baby equipment of the year must go to US Fisher Price for their "Newborn-to-toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad device". This will allow your newborn (yes newborn – yesterday he was in the womb today he is on the iPad) to experience iPad learning from birth.
This nifty little item combines the holding device of a baby seat with the screen technology of an iPad. It comes less than a week after occupational therapist Lindsay Marzoli warned that excessive screen time for toddlers could cause children long-term damage. This is because when they are using touch screens, they are not building up the muscles needed for writing. In fact the guidelines from the American Academy of Paediatrics state children should not be allowed more than two hours screen time a day. By children they mean over twos: the guideline for under twos is that they should have no screen time at all."

More astounding reading at this link

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