Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthing in New Zealand

How I love the philosophy of partnership and birthing here in New Zealand.  I came to this beautiful country about nine years ago and fell in love with its peoples and the country.  Here, was the midwifery I have always wanted to practice.

I trained in England and the word 'autonomous midwifery' was banded around but I am not certain that anyone knew what the true meaning of the word meant.  It was not until I came to New Zealand and it left me hungering to know more of the partnership in care model.  For the first time I knew what 'autonomy' was and it was like one of those 'eureka' moments - YES, this is autonomy.

The pregnant woman and her family are equals in the partnership of care with her midwife, giving them a voice here where they are often not heard in other places.  Unfortunately in most countries the system is male dominated and this, effectively wipes away centuries of human history where Midwifery was the domain of the woman.  These women were the 'wise woman' in their villages and used the knowledge of herbs and the natural world to help and heal their fellow humans.  

Here is a link to the New Zealand College of Midwives for both midwives and women

And for parents


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