Friday, January 11, 2013

Independent midwifery

My dream of becoming an independent midwife was when I first came over to New Zealand.  I thought the New Zealand midwifery system was excellent in the way that it offered total midwifery care from conception to four to six weeks post delivery.

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a core midwife in hospital, yet I yearned for the freedom of independent practice and part of that dream was meeting and joining up with a like minded midwife.  It was then when Maureen came along and everything just fell into place.  They say energy flows where attention goes and Maureen is just the best backup and partner anyone could wish for.

We started off working two days a week at another practice but our aim was also to set up our practice that was central to Whangarei.  We wanted to be able to meet with our clients at any time that was convenient for them and to create a space that was designed to accommodate a learning environment at the same time.  This would give us the opportunity to be free of time constraints and the ability to expand should we wish.

It was while searching for business premises to rent that we came across 87 Otaika road, Raumanga.  We had found the ideal place, central to Whangarei and not far from the hospital.  Its large room provided a waiting area where we could put our teaching posters on the wall, hang our various informative leaflets in the holders, a table for cards and booklets.  We put a blackboard on the wall where the children can draw, a childrens table and chairs for them to sit down and play with the toys while mum gets checked.  It also meant that Maureen and I could have our own office where we could see our clients in privacy as well as do our paper and computer work.

If you read my blog and you are in the area, feel free to drop in and see us at anytime, Maureen and I would love to meet you.

Otaika Road Midwives
87 Otaika Road
027 4720077

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