Monday, October 21, 2013

Breaking the taboo - Breastfeeding in real life.

Beautiful pictures of women breastfeeding in public. Thank you to the photographer for normalizing breast feeding.

"An honest collection of photographs has sought to break the taboo that persists about breastfeeding in public.
Photographer Stacie Turner's series 'Breastfeeding In Real Life' shows scores of new mothers, not in billowy clothing on a mountaintop, but in the real world, when they're often nursing one child on a park bench or at a mall while 'trying to fish crackers out of a diaper bag for another kid' in an old T-shirt with spit up on it.
A strong advocate for breastfeeding, the Connecticut-based mother of 7-year-old twins began taking pictures of other nursing moms five years ago in a 'conscious attempt to normalize' the act."

"The resulting series transforms the everyday into something empowering."

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