Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ways dads can help manage pain in labour

Many men find it very difficult watching their partner in the throws of labour, unsure what to say, what to do and how to help with the pain.

Pain in labour is normal, I read somewhere that we should change the wording, from pains to "energy surges."  The reason is because we associate pain with something abnormal, of course we do, because its the body's way of telling us that the pain being experienced is something abnormal going on inside the body.

Pain in labour is normal as it means that your body is preparing you for the work of birthing a baby and the ultimate of joy of your newborn within your arms is the end reward.  Your body produces endorphins, which are a natural but powerful pain killer, as strong as morphine but without the side effects.

There are many things a man can do to help.  Even if nothing is said, just being there with you, reminding you to drink or nibble on some snacks for energy, massaging your back, encouraging you when you feel that you cannot go any further and making you laugh.  

"Ina May said, “We are the only species that can doubt its ability to give birth.”
What a profound statement.
She correlated fear in childbirth with pain. As in, the more fear you generate, the more pain you will feel. How do you help eliminate fear in a birthing mom? You focus on the atmosphere in which the woman gives birth in. She should feel safe and secure, private, the lights should be low and she should have her loved ones nearby.
Ina encouraged moms to spend time with their partners during labor. Relaxing, breathing, talking, laughing, touching, kissing–all of these things help bring the blood down to the part of the woman’s body which is opening during labor. This kind of activity produces oxytocin, which stimulates endorphins and creates feelings of love and inhibits pain"
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