Monday, February 3, 2014

25 pregnancy beliefs from around the world

Happy New Year everyone, wow, time has flown by.  This article is about pregnancy beliefs around the world.  We find it very interesting to read about different cultures and beliefs.

"Learning about the pregnancy and childbirth beliefs from cultures around the world is nothing short of fascinating, don't you think? Whether you follow them or not, we have our "standard" ones in the U.S. -- don't tell people you're pregnant until after the first trimester, for one -- so don't you ever wonder what other unwritten protocols mamas-to-be follow? There are some truly unbelievable ones out there!
(Note: Everyone from these cultures doesn't necessarily adhere to these beliefs.)"

Pregnancy in Japan

Pregnant women in Japan are urged to use positive thinking, imagery, and listen to music.
Pregnancy in China
It is thought in China that pregnant women should avoid using glue or other adhesives, as it may cause birthing complications. Also, hammering nails is thought to cause deformity in the fetus. (Marie - probably common sense due to the fumes).

Pregnancy in the Hispanic/Latino Culture

Some pregnant women in the Hispanic/Latino culture believe that unsatisfied pregnancy cravings may cause birth marks. (Marie - cravings could be your body needing a vitamin or mineral contained with the food being craved, although the photo depicts soft whipped ice cream, it is not recommended that you eat this during pregnancy).

Pregnancy in Korea

In the Korean culture, there is an order of people that women must tell they are pregnant. She must tell the mother-in-law first. Then she tells her husband and then her own mother.

Pregnancy in Bali

Balinese mamas-to-be avoid eating octopus, as it is believed that doing so brings difficult deliveries. (Marie - eating raw seafood is not recommended).

Pregnancy in Guatemala

Pregnant women in Guatemala, particularly those of Mayan descent, may stay at home throughout the entire nine months of their gestation out of fear of exposure to illness, evil spirits, or the ill will of others.

Pregnancy in the Inuit Culture

Pregnant women avoid inflating balloons or blowing bubbles with gum while pregnant to prevent premature rupturing of the membranes.

Pregnancy in the Italian Culture

Some Italians believe that once a woman begins telling people she is pregnant, she must tell everyone else right away. It's thought that if she doesn't, the baby will never speak, or won't speak for a very long time!

Pregnancy in Portugal

In Portugal, some believe that pets, such as cats or dogs, should be kept away from a pregnant woman to avoid having a hairy baby. (Marie - changing litter trays for kittens is not a good idea and always wear gloves if gardening because of the risk of toxoplasmosis in cat and dog poo).

Pregnancy in the UK

It is believed by some in the UK that the baby's heart rate can predict the sex. A faster heart rate means the woman is carrying a girl, and a slower one means it's a boy. (Marie - a very much asked question by ladies, unfortunately baby changes their heart rate all the time so it would be difficult to predict the sex of baby).

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