Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Giving birth in nature

"The movie ‘Birth Into Being’ inspired this woman to give birth in nature.

So a week to her due date she took a trip to a rainforest; a perfect location for the outdoor birth she had long desired.

As she went into labour she went down the creek to have her baby in the serenity of the fresh water."

Inspired by the sounds of nature, the gentle warm creek running through the rain forest, this brave lady birthed her baby in this beautiful setting.  I think is is a wonderful video and when women are unobtrusively observed, they labour well, notice how she walks around, swaying her body, she is in her own space and in control of her labour and birth.    

WARNING : The video is graphic!  So I will not put the video here but have pasted the link.

Birth in Nature

Birth in Nature - website link

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