Sunday, May 17, 2015

Should men experience labour?

I have read a few articles about men 'experiencing' labour just so they can be aware of what their partners go through.  I have to agree that I agree with what is being said below in quotation marks. Men only experience just a short while of, not even labour pains, they are shocked to experience some degree of pain.  They do not experience the oxytocin release bringing with it each the knowledge that each contractions brings their baby closer and also the immense love that a newly birthed mother feels for her baby.  

"The midwife told the men to accept the pain to make it easier. Acceptance is a big part of labor. It seems far fetched however, for the men who are voluntarily being shocked. There is no great end goal they are reaching. They do not have the reward that each contraction brings them closer to unbelievable love.
This is the major problem with the experience. These men are shown a minutiae of the actual pregnancy and birthing experience. To isolate only the pain of labor cheapens the experience of pregnancy. It is a small part of the package deal. To focus on the pain alone is problematic because along with the fear, there is an excitement and joy that cannot be recreated."

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