Saturday, November 20, 2010


If this blog is not done for two weeks.  I am on a well deserved holiday - YIPPEE and will be back on the 6th December.  Thanksgiving in the US and I am really looking forward to experiencing this very special day. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My beginnings

I love my work :-) I have always wanted to be a midwife ever since I was knee high to a grass hopper and did not even know the meaning of the word.  But midwife I wanted to be.  My mum would have to get me a nurses outfit every year for Christmas, well Father Christmas did before I found out that it was my folks that got the presents.  Anyway I digress, I just knew in my heart that nursing and midwifery were my passions and it was not until I was much older (when my kids were bigger) that I embarked on journey.

It took some years to get there and lots of yearning and determination but I did it and here I am, my story and my love of people and being the one privileged to birth their baby.

So, welcome to my Blog, its funny because I was never going to have one because I thought I would have nothing to blog about, but here I am with my own blog.  I have always been interested about the history of midwifery or, rather the history of the midwife.  It probably has something to do with my past lives when I could smell the kindling burning and hear the screams of my sisters as they were tried for witchcraft.