Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Confessions of a second time mum

I have to admit that second time around, I was exactly like this mum.  I think its because I knew what to expect having gone through it before.  The endless watching and making sure my first baby was breathing, the tippy toeing around in case the slightest of noises woke him, which invariable it did and the worry of wondering if he was too warm or too cold.  With my second baby I was so much more relaxed, no quietness in the house this time around, lots of noise and music and I did not lose sleep worrying :-)

"The biggest change is that this time I’m not sitting up watching my daughter’s sweet face while she sleeps, like I did so often with my son. When he was so little, I was constantly checking on him. Is he breathing? Did I put too many clothes on him? Is he warm enough? Is the sleep sack on correctly? It was constant and it took me a long time to relax when he went to sleep. This time around? My head hits the pillow as soon as my daughter’s eyes flutter closed. I’m a whole lot more rested and it helps me tackle everything else with a bit more patience."

Bigger feet after pregnancy

Interesting article that, for some women their feet are bigger after pregnancy.  

"It’s common knowledge that quite a few things get bigger after pregnancy (ahem, post-pregnancy hips). Now a new study shows that a woman’s foot size is something else that may be forever altered as well.
Researchers at the University of Iowa measured the arch height and foot length of 49 women during their pregnancy and five months after they had given birth. On average, researchers found that the arch height decreased, and in turn, the foot length increased by 2 to 10 millimeters during this period. According to the researchers, 60% to 70% of the women in the study had longer feet and shorter arches after childbirth."